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Calendula Salve

Calendula Salve

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When applied to the skin calendula relieves rashes, eczema, psoriasis and tissue that may be red and inflamed. Calendula is an excellent wound healer as it reduces recovery time. It can prevent formation of scar tissue, and is noted to protect against bacterial growth. Calendula ointment has been noted in RCT studies to be more effective in healing radiation burns than various prescribed topical medicine for cancer treatment patients.

Calendula is a warming flower. It encourages movement of fluids in our body that may have become stagnant, and therefore is an ideal salve for massaging our body to lymphatic drainage. 

Our calendula is harvested daily from June to November with the intention of providing great healing. Like the sun, we honour the warm, flowing energies calendula offers throughout our body. 


  • quick wound healing + prevention of scar tissue formation 
  • healing burns 
  • diaper rash 
  • soothing inflammation
  • ezcema/ psoriasis/ dermatitis 
  • lymphatic massage
  • lip balm 
  • warming the extremeties (feet and hands)
  • prevention of infection and bacterial growth
  • Safe for all ages 

2oz/ 59g 

Ingredients: our own grown calendula infused into organic avocado oil and local beeswax 

*please note- silver tim is an old style. Now updated to black tin with sticker 

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