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raw honey

raw honey

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Full-bodied unpasteurized honey graded No. 1 in Canada.  Our local honey is collected from bees pollinating diverse plants and flowers. It is amber in colour and beautifully aromatic. It finishes with a deep sense of nostalgia and the memory of Earth’s botanicals in your mouth. A perfect addition to your daily tea or coffee, a charcuterie board, or drizzled over desserts. Raw unpasteurized honey is also ideal for individuals who struggle with seasonal allergies.

Our honey is raw and unpasteurized. Over time, it may begin to crystalize. Simply warm up jar in hot water to liquify again.

Unpasteurized honey is not recommended for children under 1 year of age.

Ingredients Raw Ontario Honey, N0M 1V0

Size 500g or 1kg 

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