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Lucid Orchard Skin Juice- Sour Cherry + Reishi + Mugwort

Lucid Orchard Skin Juice- Sour Cherry + Reishi + Mugwort

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A stone fruit infusion crafted to enhance feminine magic while rejuvenating dry, dehydrated skin. Ideally, apply skin juice in the evening to draw its botanical energies deeply into your skin. Apply before resting or meditation to open your mind and heart to your very own foretelling abilities. 

 How To

Apply to freshly cleansed skin before sleep. Massage into skin before meditation or any self-care ritual.

Ingredients organic reishi mushroom; *horsetail; *tulsi; *mugwort; *violet; *yarrow; infused organic Sour Cherry Oil   *=wild foraged or homegrown

Size .5oz/15ml


organic sour cherry seed oil- rid negativity, increase love, fertility, and feminity. Rich in Vit A and E, as well as oleic acid
organic reishi mushroom-representing immortality, euphoria, and  connection to Mother Earth. Reduces redness, fends off fine lines and wrinkles.
tulsi- heightens awareness, mental clarity, and opens the heart. Reduces  pigmentation, supports healthy skin aging
horsetail- strengthens boundaries and is very protective. Extremely high silica content supporting collagen activity, tonifying
mugwort- lucid dreamtime. Soothing and anti-inflammatory
violet-spiritual growth, dreams, visions, love, healing, protection, cooling, hydrating




mild sour cherry + fading floral notes

no essential oils or fragrances are added, therefore scent may be lighter than products with added fragrance. 


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