FIRE CIDER-immune & digestive aid
FIRE CIDER-immune & digestive aid

FIRE CIDER-immune & digestive aid

FIRE CIDER: A natural intuitive combination of spices, citrus, sweet & herbaceous ingredients blended with homegrown garlic, onion and ACV poured over top. Finished with raw unpasteurized honey.  

Created with intention to ward off cold and flu by brewing various anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory ingredients mainly from around our home. Also, helpful to drink as a decongestant to clear airways of the nasal passage and fight off bacteria and virus in the throat & throughout GI tract.  Raw Apple Cider Vinegar contains beneficial probiotics and enzymes. 

What to expect: A labelled 8oz glass bottle, either clear or amber with a black or silver closure. Ingredients listed on label or cardboard cutout. 

Ready for pick up & shipping October 10th 2022.  

USE: Shake gently. Take one TBS a day by itself or mixed into a juice. Or, use at the first sign of cold or flu. Take 1-2 TBS every 4 hours until symptoms disappear. Add to oil salad dressing. Add to sparkling water. 

STORAGE: Best kept in fridge to preserve its shelf life up to 10 months +. Mine last well over 10 months. Always discard if you notice mold has developed or a change in smell develops. 
*Fire Cider will have natural sediments resting at the bottom on the jar. The sediment is your friend. Shake before use. 

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