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Lilac Tincture

Lilac Tincture

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“A warm hug” 

Get to know lilac and its many giving and supportive qualities. Energetically, lilac lifts spirits and supports the emotional body when feeling troubled or heartbroken. Slow infused for months, this tincture immediately brings forth calmness, and perhaps a connection to your ancestors. Lilac supports the immune and lymphatic systems. It is known for cleansing the blood and detoxifying tissues and organs. 

These flowers were gathered in spring from a neighbour’s fence line in a non-spray zone.

This is a simple, fresh flower tincture, meaning single plant and fresh lilac flower, infused into potato vodka and vegetable glycerine. The combination of alcohol and vegetable  glycerine provides immediate therapeutic action provided by the plant’s constituents with a pleasant taste. 

USE: For lifting spirits & supporting the emotional body when feeling troubled or heartbroken, and bringing forth calmness.

Relieve cough, sore throat, headache, toothaches, lower fever, balance gut dysregulation, and expel worms and parasites. Historically used as an anti-periodic; preventing and stopping the reoccurrence of disease. 

Take 10-30 drops directly by mouth, or add to water/tea, and take as needed (1-3 x day).

INGREDIENTS: lilac flower infused potato vodka and vegetable glycerine. 

SIZE: 60ml/ 2 fl oz

The health and natural medicinal information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any professional diagnostic purposes. 


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